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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Turn your Nokia smart phone to Wireless presenter

Most of you may searching for a wireless presenter for your laptop, for showing powerpoint presentations, for controling your desktop, media player and winamp.

Here is the solution

Minimum requirements:
  • Both PC and Presenter (phone) components of the Nokia Wireless Presenter software
  • Windows XP or Windows 2000 (Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or higher)
  • A Bluetooth (version 1.1 or greater) compatible device providing an incoming virtual serial port
  • 1.2 MB free hard disk space
  • A screen resolution of at least 800x600 and a mouse or similar pointing device (recommended)
Please download and Install
Nokia Wireless presenter Mobile client from
and Nokia Wireless presenter Windows/PC component from

After installing both Go ahead to your Bluetooth settings in control panel and add one COM port by following these steps

Start >> settings >> Control Panel>> Bluetooth devices
Select the COM Port Tab
Click Add button
Select the type of port as
Incoming (device initiates the connection)
and click ok
Please note the COM port number that you had created ( for egs:- COM8 )
Start Nokia Wireless presenter on PC from start menu
Start >> Programs >> Nokia >> Nokia Wireless presenter >> Nokia Wireless presenter
When running it for the first time it may show the error

"Nokia Wireless Presenter failed to open serial port COM99. 
Please make sure that this is the Bluetooth (incoming)
serial port defined in your Bluetooth configuration software
and that is not resevered by some other application.
Consult the help for detailed instructions"

For fixing this error, just select the correct COM port that you had created in the previous step (egs:- COM8)
and press OK

Now your PC Side configuration is finished.

Then start your Nokia Wireless Presenter from your mobile  and select connect search and find your Laptop/PC and press select it may prompt you to Allow application to use connectivity application, select allow for this session. Then it will show the active services running on your PC.

If you open desktop, you can use your mobile phone as mouse :)
If Powerpoint is running in your computer, then you can control the slide show, in power point mode, there is one pointer option too
You can do more using the configuration of wireless presenter

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