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Thursday, 1 July 2010

How to Batch Convert WMA files to MP3

Most of you may got stuck with organizing your audio files library. You may want to convert from wma format to mp3, change bit-rate to reduce file size etc at the same time as  the number of files is huge you needs batch processing. At the same time you need all those converted mp3s in the same destination folder as same as the source files.

Here is the solution, yep free software from sourceforge :)
Just download winLAME from
For older versions of winLAME just try

In winLAME there are different options like,
You can select the bit-rate
You can change the output quality,
There is option to delete or keep the source files after converting it to mp3
You can turn off/hibernate after successful l conversion
Really a cool MP3 batch file converter

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