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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Find multiple words in a webpage using Firefox

Some time you may need to find all occurance of words in a sentence in a web page
For example there is a web page with a list of addresses, you want to find all occurance of either kochi or delhi or mumbai

This can be accomplished using regular expression, hearing the word regular expression some of you may stop reading and browse to other stuffs, dont worry I will teach you how to do the same, its really easy

First of all install the firefox extension /Find Bar/ from
After success full installation, restart firefox
Load the web page that you want to search for words
press Ctrl+F or Edit >> Find
As you had installed new addon, you can see one "Regular Expression"  Checkbox, please check that box and
Enter the words in the find textbox separated using "|"
For example, for finding kochi or mumbai or delhi
enter   "kochi|mumbai|delhi" and press next next next , he he :)
Thats all, now you can find multiple word in a single page

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