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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Disable Autoplay of Audio CDs and USB Drives

Get rid of Autoplay disaster 

go to Start Menu \ Run and type in:


You will see the Group Policy window. You should select Administrative Templates \ System in the tree view:

You will see an item in the right side pane called “Turn off Autoplay”

Double click the item, and set the radio button to Enabled, and change the “Turn off Autoplay on” to All Drives.

Now you should be safe from the autoplay monster.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Connected to Internet, but unable to Browse

Got stuck in a problem and got the solution

One of the PCs in our office had a strange error
Its able to access shared files through network TCP/IP configuration is OK
Its possible to make VOIP calls, but at the same time unable to Browse using Internet Explorer/Firefox.

The browsing issue arises not continuously, sometimes it works, some time it doesnt

Fix for the same is to download and patch using the freeware

WinSock XP Fix

It saved my time to fix the issue

So try this fix

Good luck