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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Free VPN

Have you ever wanted to get a VPN but all sites ask you to pay for it. Well you’re in the right place, you have found a free one on my site. This VPN can be used to bypass any restriction by any ISP such as site blocking, voip blocking, firewalls… or simple you can use it to stay anonymous on internet in facebook, myspace, messenger or any other site or software that uses internet. Here are the VPN details:

VPN Free Account
Host Server or IP Address :
User Name : anonymous
Password : anonymous

  • This VPN gives you a valid IP from server instead of your real IP.
  • 128bit Strong Encryption prevents even your ISP from spying on you!
  • A VPN connection also helps prevent data theft (such as passwords or credit card numbers) when you’re connecting from wireless or remote locations.
  • VOIP (Betamax, Skype, etc) - This VPN works with VOIP carriers worldwide. The VPN for VoIP service will allow you to place VOIP calls even if they are being blocked by your ISP or other entity. VPN encryption disguises the fact that you are placing a VOIP call and only a connection to our server will show up in ISP logs with no mention of any VOIP port.
  • Secures you when using unsecured internet locations such as hotels, airports, internet cafes, cruise ships, university computers, etc. VPN encryption guards all your data from the time it leaves your computer until it reaches our server.
  • Packet Sniffing - VPN’s proprietary software installed on this server protects your privacy even in the event someone tried to use packet sniffing to monitor your internet activities.
  • Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.
  • You can access the system from any number of computers simultaneously! This means you can use the service while traveling, at work, at school, or away from home.
  • Multi Protocol Services - You can make PPTP, L2TP IPsec connections.
  • Choice of Servers in : USA ( California ) + UK + Germany will be given here soon.

If you dont know how to setup a VPN connection here is how you can do it:

For Windows XP click here

For Windows Vista click here

Reference >>