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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Windows 8-New Features

Nowadays, Windows 8 is becoming the universal topic in the information technology world. The expected launching date of Windows 8 is not confirmed yet. However, it is rumored that 2013 will be the year of breakthrough. Microsoft is looking very keen to provide some revolutionary and wonderful features in this product.
Support for the PC Gaming:
Windows 8 will be the vital tool for the PC gamers. According to the site Techradar, Microsoft is concentrating on the gaming support. Microsoft has already brought the Games for Windows Marketplace to attract the gamers for the upcoming OS.
ARM Support:
Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will be prepared to support ARM processors. This was stated in the press release of Microsoft. These are light, small and low power consuming processors. The main emphasis of Microsoft is to obtain the market of small electronic equipment like smartphones and tablet computers.
Improved File System:
A new file system might be introduced in Windows 8 or Windows 8 alpha. Well, this is not confirmed yet. However, by looking at the past, it can be assumed that Microsoft will surely introduce the new file system.
Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) Service:
DFSR is the new service, which will help the operators to process the data on various networks.
Introduction of Kinect Technology:
Kinect technology will be used to enhance the computing fun. According to various sources, this has been confirmed that Microsoft will bring this innovation in its new OS. A user will be able to operate the computer with his facial commands like eye movements as well as the user will also be able to use his voice for the operations.
Window's Store:
Like the feature of the app store, Windows 8 might have the same platform, which will enable the users to buy the various products from Microsoft.

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