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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Windows 8 Compatibility

Microsoft had constantly innovated with its computer operating soft wares, which were developed to support the different programmers in PCs. It will not be incorrect to declare Microsoft as the pioneer of the computer support system which had kept thousands of computers functioning till to date. This explains the reason why Microsoft is developing a new window. Officially announced at CES, Microsoft is introducing a new window which is yet to be titled but rumors have named it as Windows 8, which will be one of the most awaited products of the year. Announce by the president of Microsoft, new Windows by this software's giant will be ARM processor compatible and also support SoC architecture. Windows 8 compatibility is designed in a way, which will redefine the use of Windows by avid users.
Microsoft has identified the gap in the market by analyzing that the famous PC tablets by Samsung and Apple did not provide the Windows operating system which could literally make their tablets as mini computers. Being customer-centric, Microsoft took an edge and planned to develop Windows 8, which it made sure was compatible with the 32-bit ARM processor (found in mobile phones and tablets). Not knowing the exact release date of Windows 8, speculators are assuming that the release year shall take Microsoft to the new heights in the field of software's programming. However, one cannot even title the upcoming Windows as Windows 8, since the name has not been announced yet. System following Windows 7, has been named automatically as Windows 8, and according to some, this particular Windows had started to develop soon after the launch of former. Windows 8 compatibility is well designed with Windows 7 where it can give a renewed computer experience to the user.
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